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Best Burgers In Cheshire

Posted: May 27 2021
Category: Eating & Drinking
By: Made In Northwich

Whilst writing this blog post we have had the pleasure of discovering some incredible independent restaurants, cafes and grills around Cheshire. The idea came when I posted an Instagram story about wanting a burger and asked followers to recommend where we could find the best burger in the county. Up first was…

Flaming Gourmand (Mobberley) 

This place is a hidden burgerlicious meat feast! It’s actually a pop up BBQ/grill that you can find just off Church Lane in Mobberley. Don’t be fooled though this is more than just your average BBQ, the tent itself looks eye-catchingly impressive and you can smell it before you see it. We ordered their Double Vegetarian burger and the Double Brazilian beef burger. Each burger came in its own little brown box with fries and slaw.

This was our first 'veggie burger experience' and we were pleasantly surprised, considering there was no meat the burger was still juicy and flavoursome. The consistency was so similar we actually had to double check it was in fact the veggie burger. It came with salad, mayo, vegan cheese and a brioche bun.

The Double Brazilian was a beast of a burger! It came with two huge patties cooked medium and the word ‘juicy' isn’t enough to describe this burger. We have to also mention the fries, while we were there to review the burgers the fact these deliciously seasoned strips of potato goodness happened to accompany them was an added bonus.  

BEAR (Northwich) 

Bringing all the weekend vibes with their collection of burger offerings. You bet we tried all three, The Angry Mac is that kick up the backside you need on the Sunday after a big night out, we promise this will sort you right out! A sausage patty, bacon, hash brown and a fried egg all served in a brioche bun with layers of their angry mayo. All of the ingredients in this burger compliment each other beautifully and we didn’t want it to end. This is the perfect hangover cure!

BEAR has a prime location in Northwich town, on Barons Quay overlooking the River Weaver. The decor inside makes you feel like you could be deep in the city with this open plan, light atmosphere and pastel colours. It’s definitely one of the most ‘instagramable’ spots in town! Not forgetting their outdoor seating under the huge letters that spell out BEAR.

Keep your eyes peeled for our blog on their NEW MENU… 

Reubens 46 (Congleton) 

Talk dirty burgers to me! We had an absolute feast in this family run meat palace in Congleton. The fact we were given bibs told us things were about to get messy. The chef recommended we try two of their best sellers: The ‘Dirty Burger’ which came with BBQ pulled pork, low and slow brisket and Reubens OG dirty sauce and ‘The Colonel’ which is double nacho crumbed chicken, Monterey Jack cheese, bacon and Reubens BBQ sticky sweet pulled pork. I can still recall the first bite over a week later, the dirty burger was melt in your mouth, the BBQ sauce was rich with a slight kick that made it even better.

The chicken burger was just as good with a sweet flavour that you didn’t realise you needed. When we thought life couldn’t get any better we saw the cheesy garlic shoestring fries, don’t be ordering these on the first date they are seriously garlicy and we ate every last one!

The venue itself is such a vibe, its industrial and rustic look is bang on trend. There is booth seating for the whole family as well as tables in the garden. Reubens also offer a range of cocktails and while they are waiting to fully reopen you can still order to take-away!

The Fishpool Inn (Delamere) 

I think we’re gonna need a bigger box! I was joined by local blogger @girlabout.cheshire for this one. Having both visited The Fishpool Inn on a number of occasions neither of us had ever thought to order a burger before today. We have been missing out, big time! 

Look no feather for an incredible chicken burger that is served with the most incredible burger sauce that consists of capers, gherkins, homemade ketchup, mayo, lime juice and blue cheese. It was love at first bite, the chicken was perfectly grilled and tender on the inside. The sauce was the ideal compliment and had a little kick in its aftertaste. 

The beef burger was seasoned perfectly with a mixture of herbs and spices that complimented the patty. Everything tasted fresh and even though we were eating a burger it somehow didn’t feel too unhealthy. It was juicy but not greasy and enough salad to trick yourself into thinking it was a balanced meal. 

I LOVE visiting The Fishpool Inn and would definitely recommend both of these burgers! 

Cafe At The End Of The Universe (Warrington)

Out of this world is the only way to describe these pop culture inspired burgers! You can find them inside the new permanent Warrington Market. We were recommended two burgers, the beef burger ‘Oh Lord Cheesus it’s a Fryer’ and a chicken burger called the ‘Big Easy’. I have never eaten so many types of cheese on one burger, a deep fried nacho covered dairy lea triangle, fried mozzarella sticks and cheese sauce! It was a cheese feast over two beautifully cooked smashed patties, smoked bacon with cajon ketchup all served on a seeded brioche bun. 

The Big Easy was double buttermilk chicken breasts, smoked bacon, cheese, hash-brown, lettuce, onion, pickles, BBQ sauce, peppered mayo and supercharge sauce. They buy their bread and meat locally and everything is cooked to order at their own pace. Fun food not fast food! 

Added bonus the Animal house fries served with fried onions and melted American cheese sauce! (They actually tasted like the fries from In and Out burger in Los Angeles.)

CW2 Local Burger (Crewe)

Sweet dreams are made of cheese. CW2 Local Burger is located on Nantwich Road in Crewe and stands out a mile with it’s cool signage and modern rustic vibe. The first thing that stood out was the combination of ingredients, these weren’t any old burgers. We tried the ‘Beet-er than yours’ burger which came with a 100% beef patty, goats cheese, beetroot, rocket, balsamic, honey JD sauce and roasted-walnuts. This has to be the poshest burger I have eaten so far and I have never had nuts on burger before but it was delicious.

Even more delicious was their ‘Hot Chic’ burger that came with a cajun chicken fillet, pulled pork, gem lettuce, homemade coleslaw, roasted pistachio, double matured cheddar and sriracha mayo. It woke us up that’s for sure! Both burgers had a kick of spice but not blow your head off.

Added bonus was their awesome selection of sauces from rosemary mayo to cheese sauce and oriental sauce which were all incredible and all homemade. If you're passing through I would definitely take a stop at CW2 Local Burger you won’t regret it! 

THANK YOU to all of the restaurants who took part in this blog and allowed us to sample some of the most insane burgers. From double patty's to clucking chicken madness, veggie burgers and full plant based sensations. I want to say I won't be needing another burger for a while but they are just too good to resist. 
Each restaurant name is linked to their website or advert on our shop local directory for you to find out more!
Let us know on social media if you have tried any of these bad boys using the hashtag #bestburgersincheshire or maybe you know of a contender we haven't mentioned?!
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