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Go Nuts For Culinary Concept Doughnuts

Posted: February 16 2022
Category: Eating & Drinking
By: Natalie Godwin
Northwich has had some great new additions over the last few years. The latest food addition is a real hit! I’ve followed the journey of Rayner and his family from his stint at Barons Quay Social, to his home doughnut deliveries, so I knew I had to try his new opening in Barons Quay.
You are greeted by a bright exterior. As you enter, there is a variety of things that take your eye. A small shop as you walk in which sells goods, drinks, cheeses and freezers full of South African meat and pastries to cook in your oven at home. There is also a tiny selection of safari themed clothes and a children’s book.
Then you get to the tasty bit, the doughnuts. They adorn the counters as you walk into the restaurant. There are so many colours and flavours, it’s hard to choose! You can now decide to take out, or eat in. I’ve taken some away as treats for friends but eating in is lovely. There is a seating area covered with fairy lights and a menu full of brunch items, Lakka trays and pizza. You can also eat the doughnuts at the table too. The drinks are a mix of alcoholic and none alcoholic, with a good selection of draught beers, wines and cocktails amongst juices and coffees.
I love the open kitchen, as you can see the food being made and the trays of fresh doughnuts ready to be decorated. Whilst we were there, Ivy
was fascinated by the doughnut cake which was taking shape, another service from Culinary Concept. We had doughnuts and the sweetcorn fritters. They were so tasty. I cannot wait to come back again and try a Lakka tray, they sound delicious!
Keep up to date with the social pages for Culinary Concept for daily updates on food and doughnuts, as well as opening times and events.
Run don't walk to Culinary Concept...
Natalie and Ivy
Instagram @rocking_motherhood
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